Airborne Forever

The lifestory of an Arnhem veteran

Johnny Peters (1923-2014) was one of the first Brits on September 17, 1944 to be part of the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden): one of the largest airborne operations of all time. In the book ‘Airborne Forever’ he –amongst other things- talks about the moments during the Battle of Arnhem that impressed him the most. Besides that, he speaks about other operations in Africa, Sicily and Norway during World War II.


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What makes ‘Airborne Forever’ such a special publication, is the fact that it not only highlights an extended period of time, but also shows the complete life story of someone whose strong mind conquered the darker moments in his life. “Those nine days of Battle of Arnhem never left him, but there are few people who handle that in such an exemplary fashion,” says the author of Airborne Forever, Laurens van Aggelen.
Since the early 1970’s Peters visited Oosterbeek each year for the commemorations in september. He was the chairman of the Arnhem 1944 Veterans Club.

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